Bored Go Where
Final Year Project
In 2013 as my Final Year Project before being able to graduate, my teammates and I were tasked to create a kick-ass application that would help people in any way that we can. Our target audience for this project was youngsters, mainly teenagers and young adults and as young adults like ourselves, we have problems finding places to chill, hang out or just sit down and have a great time with friends. Thus, the idea of creating this app called Bored Go Where.
With Bored Go Where, all you have to do is to search one of our top 4 categories and scan for the places that you're interested in going. All locations are hand-picked and listed up by us, 100% fun and satisfaction guranteed! If you have no idea what to do, just head on to our "random" tab and then shake the phone and we will generate a location for you and your friends to hang out at! Easy as that! Completely hassle-free!
This app was created for our Final Year Project. Our team consists of 4 mega awesome ladies. 
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