Mint Museum iOS Interactive Application
Class Assignment
We were tasked to create an iOS application design based on the Mint Museum Of Toys. The Mint Museum of Toys, based in Singapore, is a Museum where toys all over the world, big and small are displayed in shelves. In the Museum you would be able to see the evolution of toys from their original form to what they are now. From Mickey Mouse to the Beatles, they have all sorts of toys on display.
During your visit to the Mint Museum of Toys, you would feel very overwhelmed by the amount of toys that are on display. If you are lucky and the Curator is available at that point of time, he will be able to show you and give you a little more details about the most highly loved and sought after toys. Most of the times the Curator could be busy, or you just like to explore the museum by yourselves, at your own pace. That is when the app will come in handy!
Designed to mimick what the Curator does, what you have to do is simple. Just scan the QR code that is displayed on each shelf and select the toy which you are interested to learn about and the application will display its details. From the make to the year to the history of the toy. Everything you need to know right in the palm of your hands. As easy as that!
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