One size fits me is a project about how popular culture has shaped and affected the ideal body image of Singaporean women from 1990s till today. This project encompasses information about how the media and popular culture influence have shifted the ideal body image of Singaporean women. Explained by George Gerbner's The Cultivation Theory, the more someone gets exposed to the media's ideals and messages, the more their perception of reality shifts, creating a mediated (or false) reality. 
Due to the media's constant emphasis on slim and slender women, it has created an unreal ideal body image women strive for. This unreal ideal body image is the start of many psychological and physical problems, including eating disorders and high rates of body dissatisfaction, or body dysmorphic disorder.
This project aims to introduce the problem to the audiences as well as engaging personal thoughts and feelings about their own bodies by writing what they are dissatisfied with on the mirror. 
The inspiration behind this set up came from a persona created for this project - a body image and popular culture obsessed individual. This space emulates a home changing room experience. Thus, posters of women plastered all over one side of the wall show the constant exposure to popular culture and the media. The clothes hung on the hangers are all free-sized and the clothing displayed are unbelievably tiny, even when it is free-sized. 

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