The Dream Girls is a project to celebrate the communities formed by the common pursuit of body image influenced by the K-pop phenomenon in Singapore. The Dream Girls is a community formed by women with common pursuits of body image that's influenced by the K-pop phenomenon in Singapore, brought together online to discuss body image, Korean popular culture as well as creating a support group for each other, like a family.
The Dream Girls community hosted a get-together event to bring the friendship online to offline, socializing over food and fun. 
This event was held as a social gathering, to get to know the members better offline, forging real friendships offline and in turn, creating a support group for each other in the long run.
Images shown below are the final set-up for this project. Event collaterals are showcased alongside informative booklets as well as a website designed for The Dream Girls.
The website was created as a promotional platform for others to know more about The Dream Girls. It includes information of how The Dream Girls came about as well as a photo gallery of past and recent events.
After hosting The Dream Girls' first get-together, an after event video was created to look back at the event, it also serves as a promotional tool for future members that might be interested in joining in future events.

Publications were produced for the outcomes of this project. The publications serve as informative booklets about the background of the project. It includes information of how K-pop has affected Singaporeans and how communities are formed, it also includes a mini photo booklet showcasing the "ideal" body image of female K-pop idols. This is to get a gist of what the ideal body shape is like in South Korea, whereby physical beauty is strongly emphasized in their society.

A methodology booklet is also created to understand the method that is used for this project. Information about events management, case studies of successful events and other information about the methodology used can be found in the booklet.

The Dream Girls 
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